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At Premier Fixtures, we see client service as the single most important ‘product’ we provide. That’s why from the moment work begins on your project, you’re assigned a project manager to serve as a single point-of-contact, responsible for maintaining optimum communication between you and our dedicated project team, and focusing on your specific needs. Throughout the entire operation, your project manager will keep you abreast of developments and progress via regular progress reports, allowing you to stay connected while still able to effectively run your own business.

Every aspect of your project will be carefully planned up front, so there are no surprises or excuses later. When you choose Premier for your retail fixtures program, you’re assured of seamless execution from timely deliveries to efficient clean up and, most importantly, complete satisfaction at project’s end.

Accomplishing this requires a dedication to logistics that compromises nothing. At our Richmond facility, for example, Premier Fixtures has 120,000 square feet of dedicated logistics space, and 14 shipping bays so raw materials and completed products can get where they’re needed with maximum speed and efficiency. With 40-foot ceiling clearance, odd-shaped and oversized items move in and out in absolute safety. Narrow-isle racking with wire-guided fork lifts make it easy to acquire whatever our designers and engineers need from more than 14,000 pallet locations. And our real-time inventory control system — utilizing state-of-the-art bar code scanning — ensures necessary components are always in stock.

Why do we go to such extremes to guarantee exceptional quality and service? So that when the lights do come up, you see the realization of your vision...and have the support your business needs to succeed.

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New York City is the epicenter of sneakers. To many, it’s where sneakers began. But to everyone, it’s the ultimate destination. Next time you make the trip to NYC, we’ve got a semi-hidden gem for you to check out. With our partners at Finish Line and Macy’s, we helped create these two amazing Finish Line stores inside the iconic Herald Square location.

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whats happening

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